Lil Yachty has seen an overwhelming amount of success in just the last year alone, and now he's ready to share that wealth with his fan base. The "Peak A Boo" rapper tweeted to his fans that he plans to help pay some lucky students' tuition this year, as well as help some families with their back to school shopping expenses.

Lil Boat was originally responding to those who were throwing criticism at him for the recent purchase of his new chain, where he commented about people with less money than him telling him how to spend his own.

"People with less money than me kill me trying to tell me how to spend mine," Yachty tweeted.

The "Dirty Mouth" entertainer then replied to a follower who tweeted about the rapper's alleged net worth, which turned out to be incorrect, telling people to stop believing in the reports about people's net worths.

Following the tweets of defense, Lil Boat revealed that he wants to pay for some tuitions this year, and will be giving more details on how students can get involved soon. He followed up with a tweet about helping a few lucky families with back to school shopping, calling the potential foundation "#sailingscholars."

See the tweets from Yachty about students' tuition, and the post about his new chain below.

Lil Yachty Says He'll Pay Students' Tuition This Year


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