Lil Yachty has been at the center of a growing rift between old and new school hip-hop, his comments on Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. sparking outrage amongst historians and purists. Speaking with Shay Diddy above, Yachty says that there isn't much respect from one side to the other and that some fail to understand his point of view and music.

"It’s such a big line between the old school and the new school," he says around the 15 minute mark. "It’s not together. It’s clear and evident that the old school of hip-hop and new school of hip-hop aren’t best friends. There are a lot of old MCs that just don’t really have much respect for us new school rock stars." He says, as a result, that he doesn't have much respect for them either.

"We just see things differently," he continues. "I say certain things, it just shocks people because I’m in this business, but people don’t understand this business has been for so long one sided, now things are completely different. Its just not understood. They’re just taking things the wrong way."

Yachty as well says it bothers him when he's characterized by comments he's made that were perhaps misunderstood and that he plans to settle the generational disagreement by talking about it in New York with someone from New York—perhaps his old friend Ebro. Catch his comments in full up above.

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