Carter V season continues with the second single off the album. Lil Wayne efficiently drops those Wayne-isms fluently once again on the Infamous-produced "Krazy."

This single juxtaposes "Believe Me's" spacy feel with a more urgent, elastic beat. These are both Weezy's zones though. The Wayne-isms include:

"These niggas slippin' like bar soap/ These niggas listenin', use Morse code"
"A.K to your face, knock half off like coupons/ Too cool for school but I sold cool points to school boys"
"I’m music to these bitches' ears I hit that ass like the wrong note"

So this is basically Lil Wayne near his most Lil-Wayne-esque, and that's just fine here.

Carter V doesn't have a release date, but Lil Wayne said he's also releasing another album later this year.