Welcome back to ESDN First Hate. I'm Ron Mexico. Dana Jacobsen's thick, Amazon ass is asleep in her hotel room.

Here's a quick reminder of the Division A matchups:

#1 Kanye West vs. #8 Diddy

#4 Lil' Wayne vs. #5 The Game

#6 Plies vs. #14 2Pac

#10 Karrine "Superhead" Steffans vs. #15 RZA


While we wait for your results, please enjoy this SDN profile of #4-seeded "Lil' Wayne."

Once again, The Worldwide Leader in Hate meets The Ghetto's Fines News Source for this blood diamond-encrusted coon show. [CLICK HERE FOR COON SHOW]

Spotted recently with partner-in-lines, Juelz Santana, Lil' Weeziana promotes the upcoming I Can't Feel My Face project the best way he knows how--with weed and syrup.

Please observe Juelz Santana and his UK Special Edition "I Can't Reach My Checkbook. Please Don't Shoot!" ring. It matches Lil' Wayne's perfectly, save for the name. Weezy actually calls his a "rrwrmmphwr rwrrmpphrrrwrrr rang, nigga." When they put their commemorative rings in the air at the same time and sing the chorus to "You Ain't Got Nuthin'" Captain Planet appears and gives them each an 8-ball of coke.

Since when did niggas get rings to commemorate shitty albums and mixtape ideas? I thought those were reserved for marriage, graduation and championships--things neither of these coke goblins know nann bout.

All they know how to do is get high on camera dressed like tacky Kwanzaa ornaments from 1979. You would think they just got done showing titties at Mardi Gras.

Please enjoy this Gangstalicious Gear QVC jewelry segment for bitch niggas as you exercize your right to vote.

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