During an interview with Nardwuar: The Human Serviette, Lil Wayne revealed that he didn’t always go by this famed moniker. In fact, inspired by Cash Money artist, Pimp Daddy, Weezy said his first rap name was none other than Shrimp Daddy. Aww, how cute!

We had our trusty interns search through our old record crates to see if they could find any old Shrimp Daddy material. Ends up the vinyl was lost, but we did come up with the cover art. Well, it's really more like we created our own, but, it still works!

Turns out back then the self described "pussy monster" was just really into seafood. Check it out for yourself.


10 bux says there’s gonna be a Shrimp Daddy restaurant popping up in your hood by next month. Watch your back, Bubba Gump.