Lil Pump continues to bask in his major success, and this time, he's celebrating with the team that has his back. The Florida rapper visited Avianne & Co jewelers in New York City last night (May 23), where he not only purchased some pieces for himself, but also for his entire crew.

TMZ captured footage of Pump inside the shop, where the "Gucci Gang" rapper showed off his bust down watches that are covered in diamonds. He also copped the same iced out watches for his whole team to show his appreciation. Even Pump's lawyer was able to get himself a bust down watch from the entertainer, which would make sense considering all of the deals he's helped Pump negotiate over the months of his stardom.

The videographer filming for the outlet also asked the rising superstar some questions about his jewelry game, and even makes a bet. He wagers with the rapper that if he can correctly guess the worth of the pieces he is wearing, Pump has to cop him something from the store as well. Unfortunately, the videographer shot too high, as his guess of $875,000 was not correct.

"Nah, a little bit lower," Pump exclaims with a smirk. "Wrong! Wrong! You are wrong,"

The outlet also asks the platinum-selling artist if he has a minimum of how much money he has to spend when he walks into a jewelry store, to which Pump gives a pretty boastful reply.

"No, man, we just go in and we buy whatever we want," he states. "We gon' be rich forever!"

Watch the video of Lil Pump showing off his and his team's bust down watches in the footage below.

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