It looks like Lil Mama needs to take a page from Bobby V and slow things down some. According to TMZ, the rapper was booked, not for doin' 90 on the freeway, but for speeding nonetheless. As reported by the website's NYPD sources, Lil Mama was driving through Harlem around 4 a.m. Thursday morning (Mar. 10), when the boys in blue clocked her going 38 miles per hour in a 25 zone. Upon running her information, officers found that Lil Mama's license had been revoked, resulting in a night in jail.

While the degree at which she sped isn't too severe, drawing any attention to herself proved to be ill-advised. Back in January, Lil Mama recounted an incident to The Breakfast Club in which she was involved in a fight at a Brooklyn club. As she told it, those involved were "just a bunch of young kids lacking direction and they just was getting it on and I was in the middle of it like 'Yo, you gotta chill out.' Security eventually told the rapper, "you just need to go. This is not good for you. You got way more to lose than these kids," but Mama stuck by her brother, who was celebrating his 21st birthday. 

Her ability to avoid trouble unfortunately hasn't carried over with the late night speeding landing her behind bars. With new videos for "Memes" and a "Work" remix out in recent weeks, the setback stalls a mini-comeback for the time being.

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