Hundreds of New York University students were in for a special treat Wednesday night (April 11) as the self-proclaimed “Based God,” Lil B, gave a “rare” lecture at the university’s Kimmel Center.

Anxious students and fans alike quickly filled the auditorium, chatting incessantly about the emcee. “We’re having a based party after this,” one student yelled amidst cheers of approval from attendees.

With computers and mobile music devices in tow, audience members appeared to have completed their homework – Lil B had assigned his latest mixtape, Basedprint II, as required listening for the event – while others tweeted about their desire for B to finally begin his talk, further contributing to the ever popular “based” trend.  Growing impatient, weary fans began to chant “Based God” and “Thank You Based God,” hoping to insight his arrival.

At about half past his scheduled 8pm appearance, Lil B graced the stage, in his signature “tiny shirt and tiny pants,” one student noted. Welcomed with a standing ovation and resounding cheers the rapper was visibly overwhelmed, taking several deep breaths before professing his love for “every legend” in the audience. From there, the Based God began his nearly 2-hour motivational speech on all things “based.”

The 22-year-old rapper spoke on a number of issues from relationships, racial politics, health and the human relationship to the ant colonies he studies at home, just to name a few. “The secret to life is if you look at everybody like they're a baby," he said. “We're just little baby insects or mammals.”

While the rapper was able to cover a breadth of issues, they were all tied to love, positivity and living a “based” lifestyle. “I specialize in love,” he said early in his speech. “I’m here to spread love, everybody.”

In addition to providing students with a series of “based” life lessons like “embrace yourself, embrace your health,” “Never deny your friends food,” and “Wash your hands,' Lil B made sure to provide a discussion based forum  —a decision he attributes to his interest in serving humanity. "I'm ready to die for the humans,” said the rapper, who doesn’t even litter. “I'm ready to die for positivity.”

Among the questions and comments posed to the I'm Gay spitter from the audience was an admonition to run for president. “I have nothing to hide. I may run for president,” he said in response. “You are what you believe you are. You are model, you are a rapper, you are a legend.”

Towards the end, the lecture switched gears with fans inquiring about what’s next for the Based God, musically. In response, the young artist announced his next project, a rock album titled California Boi.

"I already made history in rap," he said. "I’m not just some joke. No, this is going to be real respect. This is going to be garage punk, this is going to be for the rebels.”

In addition to this new rock venture, the based god hinted at future collaborations with Lil Wayne and an unnamed artist who he, himself, dubbed “the biggest artist on earth."

When asked about his involvement with The Pack, the rapper responded “I am 100% still in The Pack,” shouting out group members Lil Uno, Young L and Stunnaman. "We comin'."

Lil B concluded his visit to the university, inviting fans to the stage for photos. Security quickly rushed to support him as dozens of students rushed towards the smiling rhymeslinger. Next, Lil B is set to perform at the New Museum Thursday, April 12th in New York City. —Shamecca Harris