See what happens when the ex-wife of Pro Bowl NFL Player turned sports commentator Ray Buchanan, an ex-girlfriend and baby mama of Chad Ochocinco, get into on the first season of a new reality show.

Sheree Buchanan and Kenyada Jefferson, along with 4 other Atlanta single moms, have been cast for a new reality series designed to shed light on an entourage of bold, high strung single moms living the high life.

Atlanta based writer, producer Michelle Kuykendall says, “Not only has Atlanta become a Mecca for the film and television industry, it is also now home to an enormous population of single mothers; Many of which are determined to remain at a certain social and financial status by any means necessary.”

Kuykendall adds, “These women are bold and beautiful, with big personalities to match, and they’re determined to keep themselves and their children in a lifestyle they’re accustomed to, with or without a man.” With explosive energy, the ladies seldom see eye to eye, but the one thing thy have in common is their love for their children, commitment to their families and their social status.

Although the series will focus predominantly on the drama between the high strung mother’s, it will also shed light on the drive these women have to become entrepreneurs and market themselves to become financially successful own their own.

With the help of cast member Kali Bowyer, another powerhouse single mom, best known for her controversial relationship with Chris Rock, and later turned well known celebrity tabloid journalist and publicist to the stars. Kali will challenge these ladies to take single motherhood to another level, and force them to take a hard look at themselves and their situations in their attempt to provide a life style that they and their children are accustomed to.

The show began filming its first episode in Atlanta. A behind the scenes look clearly shows it is going to be one hell of a ride, with celebrity cameos from some the industry’s biggest players and stars.

Make sure to set this one to your TiVo/ DVR, because you’re not going to want to miss this one!