Lauryn Hill may have pulled off the smoothest reaction to an unruly fan ever. The rapper did not miss a beat when a fan caused a disturbance at her Thursday (Feb. 9) show in Nashville.

Hill kept the music going and continued performing all while attempting to calm the man down. The guy was eventually thrown out of the venue, but he was unable to disrupt Hill's momentum at all.

The brilliant management of this situation is a stark contrast to how Hill's handled her lateness to shows. The "Everything Is Everything" artist recently caused an uproar when she showed up three hours late to a gig in Pittsburgh. Hill would blame the delay on the weather.

"We apologize for the extremely late start, there were factors out of our control,” she wrote on Facebook. “Due to the snow yesterday in NYC, half of my band, and some members of my crew, were stuck at LGA airport all day. After several cancelled and delayed flights throughout the day, they arrived late last night, and went straight to the venue for the show. The promoter notified people of the new start time through social media, and as fans got to the venue.”

Hill admitted that trying to do the show as planned was a mistake. She also stated her intentions to make it up to fans by rescheduling the show.

“In hindsight, we should have cancelled the performance and rescheduled for a later date, but we decided to try and make it happen. We are working on scheduling another performance in Pittsburgh later this month, before the end of the tour, for the people who bought tickets to my show last night. More details will be announced over the next few days. We look forward to seeing the fans in Pittsburgh again in a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding.”

Hill has developed a reputation for being late to shows. Due to her penchant for tardiness, fans in Pittsburgh might be wary about attending another one of the singer's concerts.

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