I was just peeping the 1st Annual Screen Queen Awards from our sister publication King Magazine last night.

They awarded Meagan Good with the Best Untapped Potential Award and honored Lauren London with Best Around-the-Way-Girl. Debates over these two just keep coming up for some reason and the votes are always split. Shoot! I remember having this discussion at the BET offices not too long ago. Who. Is the baddest chick? London, or Good?

Well, I'm into Around-the-Way girls myself (bamboo earrings, at least two pairs please), so I've always had a thing for Lauren. It's like, given the opportunity to spend one night with either, I'd bone the calcium out of Meagan, but I'd take Lauren to meet moms.

Also, these actresses be so airbrushed, you'd be shocked to see them up close. I used to have a crush on Dawn [Robinson] from En Vogue too, Phife...until I saw her a few years back. She wasn't nearly as bad as I thought she was. But I've seen London in person. Do believe the hype. On the flip side, though I doubt Meagan is busted under the makeup, I've never seen her in person, so maybe that's why I favor Lauren.

It's a win-win anyway. So, let's settle this once and for all right now. Who's badder, Meagan Good, or Lauren London? Given a shot with either, who would you pick? I'm gonna go for one night with Meagan and kids with Lauren. Oh, and King crowned Halle Berry the B.O.A.T (Baddest Chick Of All-Time). Anybody beg to differ? If she isn't, then who is?