Two of Philadelphia's finest have joined forces. Recently, Kur pulled up with a new song called "No Shine," a somber new cut featuring the emotive vocals of PnB Rock.

With its lowkey strings and soft vocals from PnB, "No Shine" sounds like the audio equivalent of a rainy day. The lyrics themselves are even drearier, especially on the hook PnB supplies for the track.

"It never shines in the ghetto/It always rains in the hood/Nigga if you came from the hood, then you probably gon' stay in the hood/Niggas get killed every single day in the hood," he sings on the beat.

For his part, Kur, who's now about five months removed from dropping his Da 9 mixtape, juxtaposes PnB's delicate vocals with his brand of ferociously honest lyrics and equally intense delivery.

"Broke times, 'bout to rob something quick/I can't shine if I'm not on my shit/I'm on the nine if I'm not at the crib/Where niggas get high, niggas smoke cigs/Where niggas get by and don't wanna give/Where bitches get popped and leave in a Lyft," raps Kur, who teased a collab with Mozzy a few months back.

Kur and PnB make for a pretty good combo, and hopefully, we get to hear more of them in the future.

For now, check out "No Shine" for yourself below.

eOne Music via SoundCloud
eOne Music via SoundCloud

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