Brooklyn's KOTA the Friend is back with his new video for his sophomore single “Like Water" which was co-produced by Nimbus Beats. The single is off his upcoming sophomore project Earmilk.

In the video for "Like Water," KOTA is seen on the beach catching the sunshine while in L.A. The visuals are serene, with the BK rapper spitting inside a bodega store and wearing a pigeon mask.

"This video is special to me. I shot it guerrilla style in L.A. in-between touring and meetings," he says of the visual. "When I wrote the song, I was starting to see how I was standing in my own way by living in the past. The pigeon represents my past distracting me from my past— no matter how far I go or good I feel when I wake up. We often overlook blessings in our lives because we're too busy thinking about what could've been. Eventually, I stopped living that way and this song describes exactly how I felt in that moment, visually and sonically.”

Last year, KOTA released his debut EP, Palm Tree Liquor, to much success. KOTA the Friend is looking to capitalize off his success with his forthcoming project Earmilk. His previous single, “Lawn Chair,” dropped in March and was inspired by the time he got stranded in the desert.

Check out KOTA The Friend’s interview with XXL for The Break where he explains what people can expect from him. Watch the video for "Like Water" here.

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