Kodie Shane takes fans back to her Zero Gravity EP for a new music video. The Atlanta rapper brings her "A Ok" song to life with a visual featuring a wild party. Kodie enjoys the festivities and spits rhymes about a fun night with her crew.

“I'm in this party drinking my cup and I got my hands up/I got some glow girls all up on me cause I got my bands up/They got a pop it for my buddies, act they was offended/Tropicana, private dancer/Don't call my phone, I can't answer/Aye, don't spill my drink while you in here dancing/Aye, Lord knows that I love a Cancer/Aye, tell ‘em order more, throw it on the dancers/And I'ma pour some more if you got your hands up,” Kodie raps.

Kodie is fresh off the release of her Big Trouble Little Jupiter mixtape, but the project is just the beginning for the ambitious rapper. The young artist wants to attain a lofty position in the music world when all is said and done.

“I want to be the next icon,” she told XXL. “Nothing can beat the newest icon, nothing out. You know how they say, ‘That’s the best thing since the iPhone.’ I want to be the next iPhone, I want to be the next Apple product in general. Nothing ever beats that.”

Watch Kodie Shane's "A Ok" video below.

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