Earlier this week, 2009 XXL Freshmen Kid Cudi and Wale publicly squashed their beef over Twitter. For those that don’t remember, the two briefly exchanged words both on wax and in interviews with several low blows. On his freestyle over Kanye West’s instrumental for Jay-Z’s “Thank You” the recently signed Maybach Music Group artist took a shot at Cudder spitting, "Throwin' 'round wallets like the dude that Kid Cudi hit." The G.O.O.D. Music rep quickly fired back in an interview with Complex, saying “It wasn’t a shot, it’s just a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper.” Ouch. Upping the ante, the D.C. MC went on his Twitter account and wrote, “niggas lettin that liquid cocaine get to them.”

It was fun while it lasted, but lucky for fans of both rappers those petty days of going tit for tat are over. Apparently not only did the two young’ns jump on Twitter and end their feud, they also hopped on the phone and buried the hatchet using their actual real voices. We know, they took it back to the old school. And XXL was fortunate enough to get a transcript of what transpired.

[Editor’s Note: this conversation is a work of fiction]

Kid Cudi: What up son, it’s the wizard.

Wale: What do you want? I thought we were beefing.

Kid Cudi: Nah man, we G.O.O.D. now. I wanna apologize for that shit I said about you last year. I heard them joints you did with your new Bawse, and I have to admit, I’m fucking with you musically now. ’Ye is fucking with you musically too.

Wale: Word? You think he can send me some beats?

Kid Cudi: You’d have to take that up with him. I’ll tell you what though, my producer DotDaGenius, we about to start this new label. I’m sure I can get you some shit from him.

Wale: If he could make me another “Day ’N Night,” I’ll take it.

Kid Cudi: Slow down dog, that one’s for me.

Wale: True, you might need that more than me.

Kid Cudi: Hey dude, I’m trying to extend the olive branch over here.

Wale: My bad, we G.O.O.D, we G.O.O.D. How’s that rock album you workin’ on. Want me to make a call to Mark Ronson?

Kid Cudi: I’d appreciate that homie. You see, I’m off on a new adventure and I’ma need some help in that category. That pretty green bud can only do so much.

Wale: I hear that. Speaking of which, Ross got me some of that shit Wiz Khalifa be smoking on. We should link up and burn something.

Kid Cudi: I’m always available Day ‘N Night. You got my number now dude. Holla at me.

Wale: Word up. Freshmen for life…

Kid Cudi: Freshmen for life! 100.