The criminal assault charges against Kanye West and his associate, Don “C” Crawley, were officially dropped earlier today (January 29).

According to TMZ, during a court appearance in L.A. a judge let ‘Ye and Don C off the hook, after their lawyer proved that the duo performed community service with Red Cross, as ordered.

West was originally charged with one count of vandalism, grand theft and battery by the L.A. city attorney’s office. Don C. racked up two counts of the same charges for his involvement.

As previoulsy reported, Mark Zuckerman sentenced the pair to perform community service back in October for their physical confrontation with a photographerat L.A.X. in September 2008. The incident occurred after an overzealous paparazzi snapped pictures of the Chicago rapper. Kanye confronted the man and Don C. later grabbed the photographer’s camera and smashed it on the ground. Video footage of the incident later popped up online. —Elan Mancini