Kanye West has been making tons of headlines all week for some of his more controversial comments and tweets, but it looks like he wants to make sure he clears the air with Ebro of Hot 97. Following their lengthy conversation where the super producer proclaimed his love for Donald Trump, Yeezy called back into Ebro in the Morning this morning (April 24) to tell Ebro that he loves him.

While the phone call seems to go in and out of static, the Life of Pablo superstar makes sure to let the radio veteran know that he has love for him.

"I'm just calling to say I love you, bro," he says. "I love you."

Ebro immediately returns the sentiment, but as he tries to get a conversation out of the rapper, `Ye keeps repeating himself, making for a slightly more awkward interaction. Kanye even sings Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" at one point, which breaks everyone into a laugh.

Finally, Ebro asks if they can talk about the music while on the air, but Yeezy doesn't budge. He does, however, offer to meet up with the host in person, assuring him that they can talk on the radio after that.

"We should meet up in person and then we can talk on the radio afterwards, but I just wanted to call to say I love you."

Kanye has been raising tons of eyebrows this week with his series of contentious tweets, as well as his previous conversation with Ebro where he elaborates on those thoughts and admits his addiction to opioids in the past.

Listen to Kanye call into Hot 97 in the video below.

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