Since announcing The Life of Pablo album, Kanye West has been going on bizarre Twitter rants and one of the more outrageous outbursts included 'Ye asking Facebook founder and creator Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into his ideas. Yeezy has become the talk of media and late night host Stephen Colbert cracked plenty of jokes at the rapper's expense and supported his request for $1 billion on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

"I can't think of a better way to reach out to the founder of Facebook than the one place he's sure to look; Twitter," the host started.

Colbert then showed West's Donda org chart and said, "I love this chart. It's like an eight-year-old imagining their dream treehouse."

Finally, the host called out successful tech entrepreneurs for not committing to 'Ye's cause. "Kanye needs a billion dollars to make this a reality and you tech billionaires have made a fortune off of ideas Kanye could have thought of eventually."

While Kanye's tweets have been popping up all over the web, not everyone is amused by the rapper's thoughts and eccentric web behavior. After 'Ye tweeted, "Pitchfork, the album is a 30 out of 10" Virgin Australia responded with "EAD (eat a d*ck) you douche."

The airline quickly deleted the tweet but not before it was captured and put up on blogs around the web. Virgin Australia sent out an apology for the mishap. "A recent tweet on our account was not published by a Virigin Australia employee and we are investigating the matter," read the tweet. "We apologize for any offense caused."

Kanye's recent Twitter behavior isn't just making him the butt of jokes. According to reports, his wife Kim Kardashian is getting fed up with the compulsive tweeting. Hold tight, West's ranting on social media could be ending soon.

Virgin Airlines kills Kanye

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