Last week, postcards began to circulate around major media offices that hinted at a new Kanye West project entitled, Kanye's New Testament. Outside of a release date of June 10 at 8:00 pm PDT and a Kanye West quote on the back, there was little information regarding what exactly Kanye's New Testament was. The project turned out to be a 34-minute mini-documentary created by a 'Ye fan that features quotes from recent Kanye interviews and appearances and amazing imagery set to the score from Paul Thomas Anderson's 2007 film, There Will Be Blood.

The video is mesmerizing and may have been inspired by the rumors that Kanye might release a full spoken word album. There has been no word from Kanye's camp regarding the project but there's a very good chance that he will love it if he takes the time to watch.

Check out the full 34-minute vid below: