Kanye West will not face felony charges for roughing up a photographer outside Los Angeles International Airport last month. Yeezy avoided serious charges of assault and attempted robbery, Friday (August 16) when the Los Angeles County district attorney's office declined to pursue the allegations, reports the Los Angeles Times.

As previously reported, Ye, who has issued a "don't talk to me" decree to the paparazzi, put grown man hands on a pap who wouldn't stop speaking to him as he exited LAX back in July. In the footage, Yeesus can be seen screaming on the man before grabbing him and wrestling him to the ground. It was initially thought that Ye might face felony assault and attempted robbery charges (Ye allegedly grabbed the man's camera during the scuffle). But, according to the LA Times report, Deputy Dist. Atty Amy-Hannah Broersma rejected both charges because of insufficient evidence.