According to, Brooklyn-based mixtape DJ J.Period has produced a track that will appear in upcoming TV ads for the new Ridley Scott-directed biopic American Gangster. The film, which hits theatres on November 2, has been using Jay-Z's "Ain't No Love" in the theatrical trailer, but they wanted a different sound for the TV spot.

"Originally Ridley Scott, the director, was going to use a classical piece," J.Period told Billboard. "Unfortunately, no one else liked it. So Interlink, the company that produced the first trailer, approached me to update a classical song from the Spike Lee film, 'The 25th Hour.'"

"The company really liked it and Universal really liked it," he reports. "For me, it's very prestigious because there's essentially only two songs used for the trailer."

In related news, J.Period is currently working on a new mixtape for Alicia Keys.