It's been a lengthy wait for fans, but Joyner Lucas is finally getting to work on his next album, following up to his 508-507-2209 project from earlier this year, and he's been seeking help from producer fans. After putting out a message to skilled producers to send him their best beats earlier this week, it looks like the Massachusetts native isn't too happy with what he's been receiving.

Lucas originally told producers that he wanted them to be "picky" with what they sent to his beats email, and warned how he didn't want to sit through days of "bullshit" to listen to.

"Started working on my 1st major label album. I need beats," he wrote. "If you are a skilled producer send your dopest beats to Really don't feel like sitting thru days and days of bullshit so with all due respect, please be picky with what you send me. Lol."

After putting out the original PSA to his followers, the "Winter Blues" MC started receiving tons of beats, but he began expressing his disappointment by filming himself listening to some of the ones that he didn't like. Eventually, he even told producers "don't send me no more beats" after playing some simplistic instrumentals that didn't match his needs and style.

In his most recent video, Lucas expresses his frustration and claims that he will be shutting down the email altogether after being let down.

"I'm shutting down once and for all. I had enuff," he wrote.

Hopefully there were some gems also being sent to Joyner's email so that he can help give some exposure to producers on the rise on his upcoming album.

Watch the videos from Joyner Lucas where he listens to wack beats from producers below.

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