Waking up to the moon and going to sleep to the sun, Jim Jones serves up his latest batch of Harlem slick talk and humorous ad-libs on the Vampire Life: We Own The Night mixtape.

From the jump, the 24-track offering has the Dipset Capo sarcastically and slyly spitting his Uptown bravado. “He say we cut from the same cloth/Mine’s a Porsche, that’s a Ford, not the same thought,” Jones sneers on “Genocide,” the second track on the compilation. “You’s a fraud and we ain’t playing on the same court/You call the law that’s how we end up in the same court [Grrr].”

The slick talk continues on “Grand Slam,” which has Jones using baseball references to hit hos out the ballpark with 2 Chainz and his main collaborator on the mixtape Sen City. “Had her running home, she said to come to her home [Why?]/And knocked it out the park before her man come home [Centerfield!]/That’s a sacrifice, a R.B.I./I’m all wrapped and nice and my cars is fly/I slid up in her like a stolen base [Safe!]/I get up in her if she can’t control her face.”

To close things out, “JB (Freestyle)”—one of only two tracks without a featured guest— is perhaps Jones's finest performance, spitting over a frantic instrumental.

Although Jimmy gets outshined by more lyrical guests such as Jadakiss and Meek Mill, Vampire Life: We Own The Night is further proof that Jones has carved out his own entertaining lane, one filled with stellar shit talking and ad-libs galore and definitely worthy of a listen. —Mark Lelinwalla