SNL 40 party, which featured a performance from Prince and was attended by a who's who of celebrities, Hov bumped into a few Yankee legends, pitchers David Cone and David Wells. According to
Cone's Twitter account, the rapper had a mental lapse and confused Wells with former Red Sox pitcher and Yankee arch rival, Curt Schilling.


Schilling took the opportunity to take a dig at his former competitors with a simple one-word tweet:

Probably not the best look for a guy who has focused his money, time and energy to the sports world.Roc Nation Sports however is thriving, recently signing future NFL draftee Todd Gurley to their roster. Unfortunately for Jay Z, he has bigger problems on his hands than confusing baseball players after a few drinks. Reports are brewing that Hov is facing a paternity suit and may be the father of a 21-year-old aspiring rapper.