Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage may soon be coming to an end. In spite of the couple’s recent public displays of love and affection, rumors have surfaced that they are headed toward a split. According to a report issued last week by the New York Post, they plan to go their separate ways once their On The Run tour ends.

'They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing,' explained one insider to the New York Post. 'This is a huge concert tour and they’ve already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front.'

According to the source the couple has stopped acting as husband and wife and have even stopped wearing their rings. They claim that Jay and B have had marital issues for years, stemming back before birth of their daughter Blue Ivy in 2012.

'They thought a baby would make things better,' said the source. 'They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn’t.'

However, another insider added that this is also not the first time the couple has separated. They told Daily Mail, ‘for just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family. But, after a while, Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey.”

Despite there being problems from both sides, Jay has gotten most of the blame for the couple’s demise. After the elevator incident with Solange, rumors surfaced that he had been cheating.

So far the couple seems to be doing everything in their power to visually show that their relationship is still strong. While the couple has yet to publicly address the rumors, reports have surfaced that they have been attending marriage counseling in attempts to resolve their issues