Angie MArtinez

Anyone who has tuned into Hot 97 over the last decade knows that Jay Z and talk show host Angie Martinez have a special relationship. Hov has given Angie exclusives every step of his career and even ran right to Martinez for an interview after his incident with R. Kelly during the 2004 "Best Of Both Worlds" tour. Martinez recently left Hot 97 for Power 105.1 after 20 years of work and during Angie's first show on Power 105.1, Jay called while he was vacationing in the Hamptons to congratulate the long-time radio host on her new gig.

“I really believe that what you are about to accomplish in the next phase of your life will dwarf everything that you’ve ever done,” the superstar MC told Angie. “Because, that’s what people that are great do. You’re not termed the "Voice of New York" for no reason. You’re an instituion in radio. That’s a special feat to accomplish.”

Hov was only on for about two minutes as the show was about to end, but there are great odds that he will give an extended sit down to Angie when he's ready to make his next power move.