Jahkoy's debut EP has arrived. Listeners can stream and purchase the Toronto singer's new project titled Foreign Water. The EP features seven tracks, which Jahkoy hopes will give people more perspective about his hometown. The singer feels like Canada is still a foreign entity to much of the music industry.

"I’m from Canada and the industry that I’m in is very American," he told The Fader. "I’m living in L.A. now. With all the rising stars coming out of Toronto, the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths to me is always ‘there must be something in the water.’ It wasn’t just one or two people — it was everybody saying this to me."

Jahkoy's Foreign Water looks to bring listeners right to the streets of Toronto.

"So this is me delivering the Toronto experience, without [people] having to go there," he said. "The foreignness of everything [in me] is what inspired it: coming from Canada, being from the Caribbean, and getting everybody involved in the spirit of the city like people do with other cities that they come from. You know when a New York artist comes out and they really show their background, and everyone knows where they’re from? I think that’s really dope. I want to do that, but for Toronto."

The tracklist and Spotify stream for Foreign Water are below. You can also purchase Jahkoy's new EP right now on iTunes.

1. "California Heaven" Feat. Schoolboy Q
2. "1000 Times"
3. "No Regrets"
4. "F N Sexy"
5. "Don't Beg"
6. "Selfish"
7. "Don't Stop the Vibe"

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