Some rap artists become legacy acts, but some push through and stay part of the conversation. Busta Rhymes falls into the latter camp: though he's been dormant at certain points throughout his career, the veteran MC is always primed for a comeback, and his influence can be acutely felt. Just see J-Doe's new "Theme Song" video, where the West coast artist puts plenty of neon to use, turning in one of the year's most colorful sets of visuals. He and Sevyn Streeter, who has a guest turn on the song, even find a way to work a carefully dressed dog into the proceedings, which unfurl as an absurd house-party-slash-dance-off. The Conglomerate artist first hit national airwaves in 2011, when T-Pain and David banner jumped on the remix to he and Busta's "Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack."