As those who’ve been awake the past twenty years know, hip-hop music is one of the most influential forms of expression mainstream media has to offer. So, of course, The Republican Party must be excused for just getting wind of this. RNC chair Michael Steele—the party’s smartest and best-traveled token—will be keeping it funky fresh for you immediately following opening acts, Kurtis Blow and Young MC.

Vroom vroom, pahhrty stahhrter!

In the wake of Steele’s first mixtape, EFIL PRO ZAGGIN (produced by Sean "Hannity &" Combs), D.L. Hughley brought Steele and Chuck D to the set of his CNN program to discuss the GOP’s unorthodox approach.

Of course, by “unorthodox approach” I mean, “sending a negro to do a Limbaugh’s work.”

[Blogger’s Note: Why the fuck does D.L. Hughley have a CNN program? The New Balance Talent only has a blog. No justice. No peace.]

Chuck D does all he can to keep from yelling, “Motherfuck you AND John Wayne,” while Hughley politely informs Mr. Steele that niggas ain’t exactly buying the M&Ms and Skittles the Good Ol’ Boys have him selling on the 2 train.

I’m sorry. I meant, Grand Ol’ Boys. Good Ol’ Boys is something else entirely.

Hip-hop music and culture have been used to sell everything from snake oil to sunglasses to elitist propaganda since forever. Even the “realist” of gangster shit we love and swear by derives from the ulterior motive of some wealthy, powerful person at least a dozen degrees removed from the streets we suffer in. How is Steele’s approach really any different, save for the notion that the GOP’s PR & Management firm is hella late?

[Blogger’s Note: “Realist” is not a typo. Some of you niggas really think that’s the superlative.]

On a complete sidebar, my love for hip-hop triggers indignation any time the culture's misused. I’d be wrong to wag a finger at Michael Steele and not be equally critical of the industry that controls the music. Luckily, I'm not that kind of hypocrite and I thank those of you who join me in upholding that standard on a daily basis.

I also thank down-ass, jive brotha Steele for helping the GOP use the medium developed by and for the people who’ve never mattered against them. I mean, I can’t be alone in bursting with anticipation for the full-length project, Return to the ’36 Chamber of Commerce.

[Blogger’s Note: Didn’t make my ancestors no nevermind. They’s wuz shurrcroppin.]

House negro, please... don't start a World Star beef to promote this shit.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Waiting for Palin on the next season of Miss Rap Supreme?