Black people might not give a shit just how low Jay-Z sinks to make even more money he doesn't really need, but there's only so much abuse white people are willing to take.

I figured a white Jay-Z backlash might be in order, last week, when I heard there were mad white people outside protesting the groundbreaking of the Atlantic Yards project. You can't tell in that video in which the older Jewish fellow shows Jay-Z a picture of himself making out with Beyonce, but that's because, like the moon-landing in 1969, the only footage we have of this event, including the footage taken by Elliott Wilson (especially the footage taken by Elliott Wilson), comes from the Illuminati.

As the nominal black owner of the New Jersey Nets, it wasn't necessarily Jay-Z's role to act as the focal point of the Atlantic Yards project for anyone other than black people dumb enough to think that Jay-Z really has enough money to own an NBA team. And it's not like they could give a rat's ass about an eminent domain landgrab. First of all, they don't know what eminent domain means. Second of all, they don't own any property anyway. That's why the real owners of the Nets only gave Jay-Z less than 1%, i.e. the same percentage of the Nets that I own. He's essentially a glorified celebrity endorser.

But I suppose it was inevitable for Jay-Z to take a lot of the blame for the Atlantic Yards project from people who are upset about it, i.e. pretty much anyone who's actually read up on it who doesn't own a stake in it, if only because he was the most famous person involved. And I'm sure it didn't help matters that he's black, both because it made him that much easier to recognize on a stage, from a long distance, and because cracka-ass crackas in New York have got it in for powerful black people right about now. They might have been pissed at Jay-Z, even if Atlantic Yards weren't such a colossal clusterfuck. You see how they tried to run David Paterson out of town on a rail, just because he tried to talk a woman out of laying a domestic violence rap on one of his weed carriers.

I knew something was up, when they didn't just wait for him to get voted out of office the old fashioned way, because he's black and because he can't see, but I didn't realize it was probably just a race issue. I thought the Illuminati might be involved. Like, maybe they were trying to put something in the water supply to sterilize black people, and they were afraid he might find out about it, even though he can't see. What's the likelihood, really, that any ol' white person with all five senses wouldn't beat him in a gubernatorial election, in an age when Ted Kennedy's Senate seat now belongs to a Republican former male model? And that's not even counting the fact that Paterson used to sniff blow, and he and his wife are swingers.

I realized there definitely is a white backlash against Jay-Z, the other day, when I saw there was a Jay-Z hit piece up on Gawker. I thought they may have been getting on Jay-Z for something he actually did, but the crux of it was that he happened to be kicking in Atlantic City this past weekend, while dead prez were performing for migrant farm workers down in Florida. As if there's ever a weekend when Jay-Z is doing something more progressive than dead prez. It seemed completely random and arbitrary - which makes me suspect that they may have received orders to attack Jay-Z, and that was the best they could come up with. They must be trying to fuck with Jay-Z's various business ventures, similar to how they were supposedly almost solely responsible for ending Harold Ford, Jr.'s bid for a Senate seat out of New York.

Not that I was upset to see Harold Ford, Jr. sent home. I've heard he has a penchant for upgrading, which means we'd probably get along famously if we ever met, but I also heard he pretended to be a pro-lifer, to get elected down in Tenessee. So fuck him. Similarly, I could give a rat's ass about Jay-Z losing any of his umpteen jobs acting as a black front for white business interests. But I question Gawker's motives in trying to bring that to fruition. I've been reading Gawker since I was in college (the same guy who wrote the Jay-Z hit piece once called me the most offensive asshole who ever lived - even more so than Hitler, apparently), and nothing about that site suggests to me that they're really concerned with social justice. They're just stoking the fear of broke cracka-ass crackas who can't stand the idea of a black man balling in a recession.