Yesterday, I mentioned being raised as a military brat, so anybody that knows about that life knows that you have to get adjusted real quick to being around different people. From an early age, I learned about the difference between friends and homeboys. Now, as a producer who has had some success in the industry, the difference has become even more apparent.
I’m a naturally laidback person and don’t trip too much off of anything but I do have friends who have been with me from the start and homeboys who hang out with me occasionally. The difference between the two is that my friends know my kids’ names and birthdates, and what records I got playing on the radio, while my homeboys only know the latter part. Both are cool to have, as long as you know the difference.

The music business—really, the business of entertainment in general—is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. It’s mostly about perception and less about reality, which is why you have to be careful about who you call your “friend” and the people you surround yourself with. I have that kind of personality where I get along with just about everybody, but I’m also aware of the purpose certain people play in my life and handle each relationship accordingly.

Everybody ain’t meant to be ya friend and everybody you meet shouldn’t be considered ya homeboy. A homeboy might have your back in a fight if something went down. A friend will have your back in a fight without even knowing what happened.

I’ll be 31 next year and it’s been kinda amazing the clarity and wisdom getting older brings you. Stuff my parents used to tell me to watch out for when I was growing up only gets magnified when you become a full-grown adult. I want to be part friend, part homeboy to my kids. I want to be that parent that will always tell ‘em the truth and keep it 100 but also blow ‘em up a lil bit so they feel like they the life of the party.
You know, more mirrors (truth), less smoke (hype).

How do y’all determine who’s your friend vs. your homeboy on the day-to-day? Is there a even a difference for you?