Rumors have been swirling since this past May that Iggy Azalea has been dating football star Odell Beckham Jr., but it looks like she's finally setting the record straight. In a new Instagram post, the Australian native confirms that she was never dating the New York Giants player, and that people need to "stop trying to make me and Odell a thing."

In a lengthy Instagram post, Iggy writes her thoughts on the swirling rumors, stating that they've taken a toll on her "real, private life" and has her even losing sleep.

"Stop trying to make me and Odell a thing," she writes. "We weren't dating back in May and we're not dating now! I try my best to stay quiet and not let the things I see written throw me off; but today this sh*t is taking a toll on my REAL, PRIVATE, LIFE and the people in it I care about in a way that's got me losing sleep," she continued. "I can't sit back and let you all drag my name in the mud talking about how I'm someone's f*ck friend, when Ive done [nothing] but mind my business."

The "Switch" entertainer then attacks those that have been provoking the rumors and adding fuels to them, telling people to keep her name out of their mouths and narratives.

"Keep my name out of your fanfiction, Soap opera, bored housewives b*llshit - Please!" she concludes. "That sh*t you say for fun & games really effects [sic] peoples real relationships."

See the full post from Iggy confirming that she isn't dating Odell Beckham Jr. below.

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