After what's best described as a tumultuous 2017, Iggy Azalea starts off 2018 with both a certified, Quavo-assisted hit ("Savior") and a Super Bowl commercial.

In the second half of the 2018 Super Bowl (Feb. 4), the folks at Monster Cable Products aired a new ad in which Iggy performs her new single, serving as the inspiration for an aspiring tech wizard to design some new Monster brand headphones.

The new ad begins with a shot of Yo Gotti on what looks like a subway cart. After a few moments, we're the door to the cart opens and we see a headphone-less Iggy murmuring the lyrics to "Savior." Just then, a young guy's eye's open wide as he catches some inspiration and goes home to toil away and develop some special Monster headphones.

The next day, he's cruising around in the back seat as "Savior" continues playing in the background. From there, he once again sees Iggy, this time rocking some Monster headphones after ditching her earbuds like everyone else. Super-producer Poo Bear and Joey Fatone of N 'Sync fame stand next to Iggy in this particular shot. Dope.

Check out the whole commercial for yourself below. Check out Iggy's new track, "Savior," when you're done with that.

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