So I'm reading the NY Daily News yesterday and I see that Kenny Smith interviewed for the NY Knicks General Manager position this past Friday.

To let the Jet tell it, the interview went "great." Pardon my selfishness, but that is horrible news. Don't get me wrong, I like Kenny. I've been messing with dude since he competed in the 3 Point and Dunk contests the same year. Remember that joint where he bounced the ball between his legs and caught it off the glass for a reverse dunk? Anyway, Kenny would probably do a great job in NY, but you know what, so would Billy King and Rick Sund (maybe).

My reason for not wanting Kenny to get the job is simple. He'd have to leave "Inside The NBA" on TNT. Man, that show is one of the best on TV right along "Entourage" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

As great as the NBA season has been, I almost look forward to halftime and the postgame shows more than the actual games. I just love the chemistry between Kenny, EJ and Chuck. Magic is cool too whenever he sits in. "Inside The NBA" just wouldn't be the same without the Jet. But seriously, if he does get the job, I hope they bring in Bill Walton or something. Dude be full of doo doo sometimes, but he's entertaining. What do you guys think? Speak on it.