Hurricane Chris


Beats: L
Lyrics: M
Originality: M

After recently claiming that he’s just as good at rapping as any other rapper out there, you’d expect Hurricane Chris’s sophomore album, Unleashed, to be filled with more than enough material to support his statement. But instead of providing lyrics to back up his boasts, Unleashed provides little more than further attempts to reclaim the success the Louisiana rapper enjoyed earlier this year thanks to the album’s lead single, “Halle Berry (She’s Fine).”

From the start, Chris gets caught up in proving that he’s the best at things. On the raunchy second single, “Headboard,” featuring Mario and Plies, he raps about being the greatest between the sheets. On the Mouse-produced “Coke Bottle,” he raps about being elite at picking up the baddest bitch in the VIP section. On the generic alcohol anthem, “Last Call,” featuring Bobby V, he raps about being the best at sealing the deal before a night out ends. From the club to the bedroom and back, Hurricane Chris clearly knows how to talk a big game on adequate party records.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get around to addressing his skills on the microphone until the album’s last song, “Hot Like Lava.” And waiting that long doesn’t prove to be the optimum idea as he laughably raps, “When it comes to rappin', I ain’t feeling your flow/Your raps softer than eggs and my flow is harder than burnt toast.” It’s safe to say Hurricane Chris doesn’t go very far when the leash comes off. —Chris Yuscavage