It looks like there are plans coming together to bring a hip-hop museum to the Bronx. The plan was announced at a news conference in front of City Hall on Wednesday (March 12).  Hip-Hop pioneers and their supporters are pushing to open a hip-hop museum inside the Kingsbridge Armory and call it the Universal Hip Hop Museum. The Museum would be used to provide a comprehensive look at hip-hop—it's history, culture and all of it's many branches— with interactive technology.

“Many people have a misconception of what hip-hop is,” said Afrika Bambaataa. “When they say hip-hop, they only say it’s the rapper, and there’s a whole culture and movement behind it.” The president of the planned Universal Hip Hop Museum is Rocky Bucano. Bucano states that the Bronx initiative is backed by hip-hop legends and Bucano hopes to open it in the armory by 2017.

In a separate initiative, Craig Wilson, co-founder of the National Museum of Hip-Hop, wants to open a hip-hop museum in Harlem adding “the numbers in Manhattan make more sense financially than in the Bronx.”

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