Yawn! There’s yet another Trending Topic on Twitter bashing our women called #thingsblackgirlsdo. It bugs me out at the amount of disrespect that's shown towards Black women and women in general. I read some of these trending topics directed towards women and I say to myself that there are a lot of bitter ass brothers out here and a lot of women who obviously have a lot of self-hate because they join in on the bashing like it's all good.

Here are some examples of things Black girls do, according to Twitter:

#thingsblackgirlsdo fuck a nigga to get their nails refilled
#thingsblackgirlsdo "Get behind on the Rent because they had to get a new Lace Front Wig
#ThingsBlackGirlsDo try to figure out who the dad is for their child.

Really? Is this how we perceive our women?

I know some of these are just jokes and they're done just in fun, but you have to understand perception is everything. There are a lot of people who don't get the “joke” and think you people are actually painting a realistic picture of #thingsblackgirlsdo. The same generalizations we use to describe ourselves other people with no prior interactions with us will use to describe Black women. If you're going to paint a realistic picture of #thingsblackgirlsdo, after stating the negative, let's emphasize the positive. Take an opportunity to use moments like this to teach.


Well, if you ask Tina Wells, a 28-year-old Black woman worth 12 million dollars, she will tell you she became a millionaire at the age of 25 by starting a company called "Buzz Marketing Group," a trend spotting organization that gathers research on the teen/tween market.

Fran Harris is a Black female sales executive with Procter & Gamble and CEO of her own sports marketing and personal development companies. She is an executive, business, life and fitness expert/coach whose clients include Fortune 100 corporations, organizations, teams and universities. Look her up HERE.

Have you ever heard of Margie Lewis? She’s a 38-year-old nuclear engineer and CEO of a 13 million dollar enterprise called Parallax Inc., which is an engineering and environmental management company with offices in Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Kentucky. I'm sure she would have something to say about what Black girls do.

I think some of you are just misinformed because you generalize all Black women on what you see and deal with on a daily basis, but let me explain something to you, men are the sun we are supposed to be the foundation of the family the way the sun is the foundation of the solar system. Women are the moon and as we know the moon reflects the light of the sun. If women are reflections of men, when men say the women they know "ain't bout shit" it says more about them then it does women. When you see a bunch of no-good women, the no-good men that they're reflecting off are usually close by.

It trips me out because dudes are screaming "Women ain't shit" like our mothers and daughters don't have vaginas. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but your mother and daughter do have a vagina don't they? So that would make them women right? So if you cast a wide net and say, "Women ain't shit," then that would make you the son or father of shit wouldn't it? I know you thinking to yourself, "Well, what about these whores who sleep with all these different rappers, and athletes, or women who spread they’re legs for whatever brother is spending the most bread? What about prostitutes, strippers?” You’re probably saying to yourself, "They ain't shit." Well, I would tell you that you’re halfway right.

What these women do "ain't bout shit" but these women are not what they do, they are infinite, divine beings, who for whatever reason have chosen the wrong paths in life. They are the greatest natural resource we have on this planet. They are the vessel our creator chose to place us in and grow for nine months to have the opportunity to be in this world. When people say things like, “I don't love these hoes,” or “don't save these hoes,” this is absolutely wrong, you should love these women, and you should save these women because the woman is man's field to produce his nation.

Don't be afraid to play Captain Save-a-Ho because when you save a ho, you restore a woman and "simultaneously" save a nation and when I say, "Save a ho," I don't mean give her money, I mean teach an uncivilized whore how to be a civilized woman. The late, great, Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it best, "Until we learn to love and protect our women we will never be a fit and recognized people on this planet."

Peace, until next time,

Charlamagne Tha God aka Lou Manati but for short you can just call me Ill.

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