Hip-hop is infiltrating your television by the boatload. A ton of artists are not only landing roles on television shows, they are producing and developing them plus helping out with promotion (please watch Nipsey Hussle in CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend promo).

One of the biggest shows right now, Empire, is a hit major network musical soap opera television series that focuses on the hip-hop industry itself. As hip-hop expands and becomes popular, so does the artists' visibility. With added exposure comes opportunity. Over the last few months, there's been tons of news of MC's getting involved in television.

Childish Gambino's show on FX, Atlanta, is one of the most anticipated shows coming out (It drops this September). Iggy Azalea signed a first-look overall deal with Universal Cable Productions and Wilshire Studios. She will be working with both studios on making “millennial-focused programming” that focused on shows that address social justice and empowering women. Snoop Dogg is an executive producer and guest star for the upcoming MTV show Mary + Jane that is based on two best friends running an all-female marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles. 50 Cent, an executive producer and actor on the Starz drama Power, is working on a new superhero show called Tomorrow, Today. Nicki Minaj is also working on her Nicki series for Freeform. The show will chronicle Nicki’s 1990s migration from Trinidad to Brooklyn.

With the boom in hip-hop artists staring or host on television, we made a gallery of every hip-hop artists on television right now and where you can watch in. Tune in.