Hip-hop icon Grandmaster Flash's car was recently stolen in New York City. According to TMZ, Flash left his car with a valet service in the city and when he came back to pick it up, the vehicle was gone. The report says that the DJ's Dodge Charger, which he calls The Ghost, was taken after the parking lot's valet attendant handed over the keys to the thief without checking his ID or asking for a ticket receipt. Along with the car, a few vinyl records left in the car were taken. The police were called and Flash filed a stolen car report but the Charger has not been found as of press time. Flash is considering lawsuit against the parking company, though this sounds like an inside job.

Grandmaster Flash was recently called out by the Furious Five's Scorpio who claims that Flash has taken advantage of his name being the most prominent in the group despite his so-called minimal contributions to the group's music. “The biggest mistake the Furious Five made was to leave his name before ours,” said Scorpio. “Being young kids we thought, we started as a group lets end like that. We didn’t know that ultimately it would turn around where he would use the brand that we all helped build against us. We were still performing but Melle Mel brought it to our attention. Flash understood branding in our group before us. So once he understood after all of these records we put out and tours and people were starting to say Grandmaster Flash and not the Furious Five but was associating it with our group that’s when he started his shit.”