G Herbo has been released from jail.

According to Georgia's Fulton County Jail records, Herbo, born Herbert Wright, was released on a $2,000 surety bond on Thursday (April 18).

On Wednesday (April 17), the rapper was arrested on a simple battery charge in Georgia after an argument with Ariana Fletcher, who is the mother of his child, reportedly got violent. After the altercation took place, Herbo reportedly left the scene with their son. When Herbo returned to the scene to drop off his son, police were still investigating the incident and arrested Herbo on the spot.

Upon his release, the Chicago rapper went on Instagram Live to air out his frustrations with Fletcher. In the live session, Herbo accuses Fletcher of stealing jewelry from his mother's house.

"You stole it out of my momma's room," Herbo says in the video. "I've been quiet all this time. I ain't do no insurance claim or try to get you locked up. Nothing. You told me to come to Atlantan to get the jewelry back."

For her part, Fletcher addressed Herbo in a since-deleted Instagram story. In the story, she alleges that Herbo punched, choked and dragged her.

"He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn't let him in, beat the fuck out of me in front of my son and then he took my son outside to his friends and had them drive off with my son, hid all the knives in my house, broke my phone and locked me inside, beat the fuck out of me again," Fletcher said in an Instagram post. "I have a black eye, my body scraped up from being dragged outside, bruises and cuts all over my body ... please don't speak on no old 'relationship play fights' cause this ain't it."

See what G Herbo and Ariana Fletcher have to say about the entire situation below.

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