The Boot Camp Clik show where Black Moon and Smif 'N'Wessun perform their classics with a live band backing them up has been postponed until tomorrow while Buckshot recovered from tour fatigue.

Touring is how the B.C.C. really cakes up because their album sales are a slow burn. Their shows are banging though and they are live as fuck. I have been waiting for this particular show to pop off. Boot Camp Clik are boom bap backpack rap generals. This is that music I reminisce over when I still had my cassette Sony Walkman and scotch tape was holding the headphones together.

I respect the fact that Boot Camp Clik is still together too. You know how hard it is for niggas that have been together for years to remain even in a working relationship without someone popping off because they feel salty or some kind of way? These dudes have over sixteen years of riding for one another. You have to respect their rap history if nothing else. Other cliques have come and gone.

I saw Ruck and Rock a few weeks back when they previewed their new album Da Incredible Rap Team. Them boys rocked the fucking house. Old head rap music can become young nigga rap when you start banging these young niggas heads into the concrete. Break your neck for Buckshot Shorty and the Cocoa Brovas this weekend.

A Tribute To The Classics
@ Knitting Factory
74 Leonard Street, NYC