Less than a week after scrapping his would-be sophomore album MC4, French Montana is back with a new banger in honor of his brothers Chinx and Max B. The Bronx-bred rapper releases the new track "Paid For" today (Oct. 12).

“Nothing worse than when you love something death can touch/Sometimes life hurts more than death, homie/Locked up Max, took Chinx, I’m the last one left, homie," raps French over a heartfelt beat conjured up by Harry Fraud, The Alchemist, and Masar. "I remember when we recorded "I'm a Coke Boy"/You lit the city it up, I told you get that dough boy/I'm mean we both from the bottom, got the same dreams/That's why I got the same rush when you got your first Beam."

The piano-assisted rap ballad is an ode to both Chinx, who was murdered last year in his native Queens and whose death remains unsolved, and to the Wave God himself, Max B, who is currently serving a prison sentence for aggravated assault. It was reported back in September that Max B would be getting out of prison earlier than expected, which sent fans of the Wave God into a social media whirlwind online.

"Paid For" is the first piece of new music French has dropped since announcing that he was canceling this long-awaited sophomore album MC4. MC4 was originally slated to drop in August of this year but was leaked before the official release date. French then told fans he was pushing back the release date to Oct. 14 due to sample clearances before finally admitting he was throwing it out on Oct. 6. But the good news for Coke Boy fans is that French plans to start his own label with Max B when he gets out of prison, which could be as early as 2018.

Check out French's message to his friends in "Paid For" below.

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