Blast our bomb on. Lil Mama saying Nicki Minaj is biting her style? Jesus Christ. You serious? Listen, Lil Young Old Mama, the last time we heard anything from you, you jumped onstage beside Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. There it was, personified greatness . . . and Lil Mama. Gee, we wonder which one didn’t belong in that frame? First that, then this . . . come on, son! So, you were rocking a bob and Nicki Minaj went to your show and now she’s rocking a bob, so she’s feeling your style? We don’t believe you, you need more people. This is why you shouldn’t even mention Nicki and yourself in the same sentence – Nicki’s hot. She’s hot, her music’s hot. You’re colder than a polar bear’s penis in Alaska. Take your old, Greg Oden ass face somewhere and hide. Brooklyn and Harlem have disowned you. You're now from parts unknown. Now, turn our bomb off.

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