The match up is finally set. After over a month of intense rhyme spittin’, members Abyss and RELLFURY will meet in the finals of the Rap Battle 1 presented by Scion.

To reach the finals each rapper had to scrap with four hungry opponents through the rounds.

RELLFURY squared off with Raf Almighty in a battle that was almost evenly split down the middle by the community voters.

In the end, however, RELLFURY proved victorious by a slim margin, 50.4 percent for him to his opponent’s 49.6 percent.

“Nice battle, Raf, but [I] gotta give this one to RELLFURY,” member Miss_Infomania said.

The other battle wasn’t as close, though the numbers indicated otherwise.

Abyss launched into her opponent CaP with vicious bars.

The community voted in favor of CaP, but as the comments section proved, it was easy a win for Abyss.

“I’m sorry, but Abyss took that shit,” brooklynbombsh said.

“I see a lot of comments for this girl and hardly any for this dude,” macjohnson said. “She should be blowing him away in the votes. Is there something going on here? Abyss got him.”

The finals are set for Wednesday, July 16 at 3PM EST. Log onto to listen and vote. You be the judge.

The winner will receive a Show & Prove like article with XXL, a chance to have a banger posted on, and an opportunity to be featured in a Scion advertisement.---XXL staff

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