Fellas, the woman of your dreams has arrived. Whoever said you couldn’t find a beautiful woman whose ideal Sunday is Sports Center and football never met Stephanie Santiago. The 25-year-old New York native loves any and everything rough. The half Spanish and Puerto Rican model talked to XXL about what it takes to get her in mood, rough sex and her need for a bad boy. Sorry nerds, Ms. Santiago is all about the jocks. — Mike Hennix





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This or That

XXL: Good guys or bad guys?

Stephanie Santiago: I go for the bad guy. I always go for the bad guys. I like the good guys but I don’t know I’m just attracted to bad guys. I like the challenge. When it’s too easy its not fun any more and it gets boring. I end up straying.

Country boys or city boys?

City boys of course, it’s just the swag. The ‘I don’t give a fuck’ swag

Blue collar or corporate?

I like corporate headstrong guys. That cockiness that confidence that man who’s doing well in his career is very attractive, it’s very sexy.

Jocks or nerds?

I like jocks. I’m into football I know the sport. I could never be with a guy who’s not into sports. I need for my man to sit down and watch ESPN and not pay attention to anything. I’m a Jet’s fan. I like Mark Sanchez. I think he’s awesome and I’m hearing some good things about him this season.

Jets or the Yankees?

Jets all the way. I go for football. I’m not a basket basketball fan, I like football, soccer, rugby, boxing, I like rough sports. I like to see them go for it, blood and broken bones. Basesball is an All American sports.

Tats or no tats?

I like tattoos I like sleeves and tattoos on the chest.

Sex in the bedroom or sex in the shower?

In the shower, I like the water, the wetness.