Dusty McFly, who's prepping a new project for later this month, gives hip-hop heads a mid-week goodie with "All Week." Produced by DJ Ready Rob and Kyle Reed, the track rides off a breezy Alexander O'Neal sample that sounds like a Saturday in the summer — like it should've been "A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday Pt. II." The beat works as a juxtaposition to the get-it-fast lifestyle Dusty McFly rhymes about in the track. In a way, it symbolizes the normalcy of his Detroit grind.

The coolness gives way to a nightmarish, more bass-heavy instrumental. Dusty McFly's aggression levels follows along accordingly: "Floating thru the city in that foreign playing crazy/ Looking like a motherfucking dealer from the '80s."

Evergreen drops on Sept. 12.