YG was far from mum when it came to letting the world know that Drake will be featured on his upcoming debut My Crazy Life. Now, exclusively revealing to XXL the song's title and how the record came about, YG is confident that the two have indeed got another hit on the books with this one.

"It's called "Who Do You Love," YG told XXL. "It's a banger. [Girls] gonna be in the club with they homegirls turned up."

Giving a little background to the project, the Compton native continued that the collaboration is something that was long overdue and a process that came naturally to the two rappers. "I sent him the record, I sent him the beat before it was even a song," explained YG. "I had the song already. I sent him the beat and he was like 'this shit go!' [Drake] was trying to put it out after I sent him that, like 'Let's put this shit out right now'. I'm like nah! We got to make sure my hit comes out right."

Speaking further on working with Drizzy, YG unveiled that their friendship stems farther than just the song at hand. Unveiling that him and his go-to producer DJ Mustard were actually the inspiration behind Drake's 2011 hit "The Motto."

"He fuck with the West and when they did that "Motto" song, he told niggas that song was inspired by me and DJ Mustard," YG said. "Our music and shit, that's how they made that song. That's why he be like I fuck with YG cause they made a song off what we was doing. So he just giving it up."

YG's My Crazy Life is set to release on November 19.-Miranda Johnson (@Randa_writes)