Beyond his ear for hits, Drake's greatest skill may be playing into his highly meme-worthy public persona. Take the "Hotline Bling" video for example, a proper accompaniment to an otherwise smash single that spawned countless parodies and jokes which, rather than negatively impact the rapper's image, actually gave the song new life. Drizzy even starred in a hilarious T-Mobile Super Bowl ad parodying the video, meaning his brand was not only advanced on the world's biggest stage, but he got a check for it all too.

With all of that said, Drake's Views From the 6 is only two days away, and what better way to kill that time than generating Drake memes. Enter, a website that allows users to upload their own photos and place a tiny perched Drake wherever they want.

When he first released the Views cover art this past Sunday with an image of himself off in the distance sitting atop Toronto's CN Tower, the meme potential was just waiting to be tapped and lo and behold, they now run like surging rapids through the Internet's vast rocky banks. Included just below is XXL's own collection of some of the funniest.

Back in February, when Kanye West first released The Life of Pablo, a similar meme generator was born, but what does overlapping text have on a moveable tiny Drake? Make your own Views cover today by visiting drakesviewscom.

Check Out the Most Hilarious 'Views' Memes

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