Basketball season is here. After last night's opening night festivities, the Toronto Raptors will take the court against the Milwaukee Bucks, and what's the best way to get psyched up for the team's big regular season debut? Watch a somber video featuring Drake talking about how much he loves his city? Yep, that's a good way to get pumped.

Back in September, the Nothing Was The Same rapper was named the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and today the organization released a stirring, string-filled promotional clip that finds Drizzy getting reflective about the team he loves.

So what exactly does a global ambassador do? Well, judging from the clip, you have to wear a nice suit and you have to inspire your fans. "In college sports it's a religion," explains Drake in the clip. "It's much like soccer overseas. It becomes something you live by, something you die by. They're so passionate about it. I want to bring that energy here."

Drake has always been a vocal fan of his hometown, so it's no surprise that the clip finds him waxing poetic about Toronto. "I love the city more than anything in the world," says Drake in the clip. "I have the option to live anywhere I want but I always end up coming back home. No matter what. It's tough to put it into words. I always just tell people, 'Listen to the music.'"

And they do listen to his music, as evidenced by our recent interview with avid Drake fan and Philadelphia 76's player Nerlens Noel. Drizzy season and basketball season are in full swing. Watch Drake's Raptors commercial above.