The producers of a documentary about Drake are suing Universal Music Group for having their flick pulled from streaming services.

Symettrica Entertainment produced the unauthorized documentary film titled Drake: Re-Writing the Rules in November of 2018. Shortly afterward, they claim UMG sent them notices to remove all of Drake's music and video clips from the film project. Symettrica has since decided to file a lawsuit, according to a TMZ report on Friday (Feb. 15). According to the suit, the company believes UMG wants to silence critical opinions of the world-famous rapper saying the label's action, "has nothing to do with purported 'copyright infringement,' and everything to do with placating its artist Drake by attempting to suppress any commentary or criticism of Drake."

The project was initially put out on Vevo in November and then added to Netflix, iTunes and Amazon on Jan. 16. UMG contacted SE two days later and they were forced to pull the plug. The production company believes their use of music and video falls under fair use and are therefore not susceptible to copyright claims. They are suing UMG for damages, claiming to have lost a lot of money when the doc was nixed.

Last January, a trailer for another unauthorized documentary on the life and times of the Scorpion rapper titled Houston to Toronto hit the internet.

Check out the trailer for Drake: Re-Writing the Rules below.

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